zanale221, 25 anni

A proposito
I am a girl with character, friend of my friends, with a lot of inner strength, although there are days when it is appreciated that someone hugs me and reminds me that I also have the right to feel sad. I love making people laugh with my antics, because for me a smile is the best suit we can wear. I hate lies. If you want to know more about me you just have to ask me.
Laughter forever, good company and well-being
Claremont, North Carolina, United States Of America
Informazioni personali
Sesso : Una dona
Cercando : Un uomo
Data di nascita : 30/07/1994
Colore degli occhi : Altre
Colore dei capelli : Nero
Altezza : 4' 10''
Religione : Cristianesimo
Fumatore? : No
Alcolici? : Mai
Divorziato ? : No
Hai figli? : No
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